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Du kan bruke koden til å betale for lodd bading leie av Glomstadbu leie av teltplass kontingent abonnement på Mjøsnytt for de som er medlemmer i andre NNF foreninger eller gave til MNF for eksempel til vedlikehold av stranda. By night (and sometimes over lunch) she is a co-founder and director of, Toronto's hacker space. And successfully developed forensics and anti-malware products. How do we capture/manage cyber cross-domain capabilities to "what's out there" in the private sector that are mutually beneficial to both the military operator and innovative company-in real-time (when necessary)? Return to top Toolsmithing an IDA Bridge, Case Study For Building A Reverse Engineering Tool Adam Pridgen InfoSec Researcher, The Cover of Night Matthew Wollenweber Security Researcher The presentation is a case study about an approach to building reverse engineering tools, but in this case. On the flip side, the new generation of hackers are getting into good companies, making good money, and some think they reached the peak of their career. Faults in the software expose vulnerabilities, pointing to the fact hat a critical aspect of the computer security problem resides in software. This talk will review published architectures for lawful intercept and explain how a number of different technical weaknesses in their design and implementation could be exploited to gain unauthorized access and spy on communications without leaving a trace. This additional flexibility affords the tester greater depth than many of the canned tests that come with common tools they use on a daily basis. Kurt Opsahl is a Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation focusing on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law. This panel begins with a short introductory presentation on the latest technologies and operations by the Bad Guys and the Good Guys. Wayne and Dolores Zage received the Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technological Innovation from the National Science Foundation Association in 2007 for their Software Design Metrics.

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fabrication techniques to the limit and using some components that are so new they barely exist, the design of this year's badge took some serious risks. His favorite Amendments to the US Constitution are, in no particular order, the 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th. In his security work, he was a researcher at Brigham Young University's Internet Security Research Laboratory and is now employed by a health insurance company doing security assessments on both internally developed and third party applications and systems. Since then he has derailed his professional career by associating with the hacker community. He is also the proud owner of two DefCon leather jackets won at Hacker Jeopardy at DefCon 8 9 (as well as few hangovers from trying to win more). In Mathematics,.S. The results were surprising. Over the past 25 years I've had the privilege of working at nist, NRL, nasa, dtnsrdc, nswc, nadc, all while supporting our country in ways I never dreamed of as a young HAM operator in the 70's. B.S., Electrical Engineering, 2006 -.S., Computer Engineering, 2006 Paul Malkewicz has over five years of experience, including two years with WorleyParsons, in the design and implementation of control systems and data acquisition systems. It's easy and common to say your boss is a douchebag, but what happens when YOU become the boss and have to manage the newer (and old) generation?

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His prior experience includes FBI, Ticketmaster, and Thomson Financial Services. Lang Nguyen wanted to design spacecraft as a kid in Ukraine, but got sidetracked growing. Learn how to plan ahead for the issues that will fall on your head, how to get vendors to take you to lunch, and how to achieve the impossible : a physical security system that keeps users, management, your budget, and you happy while actually. Org return to top NoSQL No SQL injections? He works for. Sho is a member of the Internet anti-censorship team at BBG whose duties include developing and managing anti-censorship technologies to help Internet users in censored countries to bypass Government censorships. There are already TVs and Cars that have networking capabilities and have Android installed on them. Logan Lodge s a member of the Shmoo group and an avid Python developer. In 2007, Opsahl was named as one of the "Attorneys of the Year" by California Lawyer magazine for his work on the O'Grady. Bryan have been working to keep the lights and utilities paid with the DC612 Group. He is one of the founders of the ekoparty security conference, one of the biggest con in Latin America which is held yearly. But it's getting better. Jeremy Chiu (aka Birdman) has more than ten years of experience with host-based security, focusing on kernel technologies for both the Win32 and Linux platforms. Smith works as the CSO for Georgetown University and a co-owner of HCP Forensic Services providing information security programs, digital forensics, and expert witness testimony. Their research in design metrics and models has led to the Zages' design metrics being used at serc industrial sites as indicators of good software design, to identify fault-prone modules during the design phase of development, and as indicators of where to place effort during.