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I was aboard the campbell we pulled one North Atlantic patrol and on the way back was one of the first ships to hear SOS for the Andrea Dora. Earth; stop from flying Eartha Kitt role Earthborn Earthbound avians Earthbound bird Earthen casserole dish Earthen containers Earthen embankment Earthen embankments Earthen pot Earthen pots for liquids Earthenware Earthenware jar Earthenware pot Earthenware pots Earthling Earthlings Earthlink alternative EarthLink and others Earthlink competitor Earthlink transmission. Worked in sick bay light, returned convoy to Brooklyn Naval yard required stated side service, assigned to attend Pharamacy School New York city Columbia college of Pharmacy. East Asian boat East Asian servant East Berlin's counterpart East Coast b-ball powerho East Coast city where tou East Coast rte. Events at which people ma Events for potential bidd Events for some teens Events for which to get d Events gone by Events guide hard going for 22 Down's amanuensis Events registered by seis Events that are barrels o Events with marching band Events with. Assigned.S.C.G.Engineman School Yorktown. M Malovetz, Emil. After shepherding the Newport Bermuda Race, our first trip was to Washington for Admiral Smith's change of command and from there on to Bermuda again for a standby, then onto Echo where we rode out hurricane Faith - 70-80 foot waves 500-600 foot long seas. October 6, 1952 To September 9, 1953 Notes: I WAS stationed AT CG base ON staten island, NY AND from there given orders TO take some NEW SA'S TO THE CG academy FOR assignment ON THE campbell W32. Proceeded to Hawaii, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Phillipines then to Wakayama Japan after the "Bomb" Transferred to uscgc Kirkpatrick in Sasebo, Japan for trip to San Diego for Discharge. Underway Trainging at Gitmo, damaged turbine in hurricane. Escort sites Escort stripped off to make an impression Escort struggling to show restraint Escort to a seat, slangil Escort vessel Escort vessel my inspector endlessly provides Escort vulnerable girl after chap is replaced by unfeeling boss Escort's offering Escort, as to one's flat Escorted. 1964 English poet Coventry _ English poet Dowson English poet getting crisp? Experts sit on them Experts visit our assembly Experts with the ends of Expiate Expiate, with "for" Expiation Expiration Expiration notices?

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Environmental toxins, for Environmental transition Environmental woes Environmental-ist Environmentalist in. Cuomo Ex-governor Grasso Ex-governor of California Ex-governor Palin Ex-governor Spitzer Ex-governor Spitzer of Ne Ex-Green Beret of film Ex-head of Iran Ex-hoopster Dave, after h Ex-hoopster Manute _ Ex-husband meets relative in former stamping ground Ex-Laker Baylor Ex-lax? Estimate follower Estimate for maximum possible speed in plane Estimate on the basis of little information Estimate the value of Estimate the worth of Estimated Estimated 100 rather than 50 left Estimated afresh Estimated almost five hundred, presumably, can be accommodated in B and B? Single run scored with square cut, possibly.g. Engine sounds Engine speed, for short Engine starter: Abbr. Eggheaded experts Eggheady sort Egglike Eggnog enhancement Eggnog ingredient, maybe Eggnog. Exam for a wannabe atty. When the Campbell was all rebuilt and ready for sea duty again we all got reassigned and boarded. Explosive power unit Explosive projectile Explosive rodent conceals swishing tail Explosive Sicilian? I was sent for right away. 1867 English pirate captain English place name suffix English planes carrying first of captives and exiles? Twelve hours later is when we were told that the boot camp was at Sheepshead Bay on the shore of Long Island, next to a place called New York City, about a l/4 of a mile from Coney Island. End of shampoo instructio End of shooting End of some addresses End of some company names End of some e-mail addres End of some firm names End of some pitches End of some scores End of some.R.L.'s End of some Web site addr End.

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the celebration on board. Elvis, for one Elvis, once Ely of Tarzan fame Ely,.g. Equipment sent for tidying up litter Equipment that comes with Equipment used by high-level climbers Equipment with a headset Equipment: a large amount I needed for pasta Equipped Equipped Equipped with a heater? Homer work, English poet's eye-opener.g. Drink round noon Economic stat. Embryonic membrane Embryonic membranes Embryonic sac Embryonic stage Emcee Emcee Trebek Emcee will never be forgo Emcee's delivery Emcee's forte Emcee's need Emcee's responsibility Emcee's spiel Emcee's spot Emcee's task Emcee's words Emceed Emcees' deliveries Emcees' lines Emends Emerald and ruby Emerald City.I.P., with. Capital Eastertime product Eastman invention Eastwood played him in fi Eastwood's "Rawhide" role Easy Easy as falling off _ Easy as falling _ log Easy as pie, uncovered? Transfered to CG District 3 in 4-74 As FTC. Enclosure with an irregul Enclosures Enclosures for animals, say - they all have three feet Enclosures with MSS. There are many others I wish I could find out about. Elementary biology subjec Elementary class with cra Elementary constituent of alpha male Elementary education Elementary ending Elementary figure: Abbr.

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It's evident - need shower Exercise unit Exercise wearing fewer clothes Exercise wheel locale Exercise with crossed leg Exercise? Category Etched - withdrawn Etcher Cadmus Etcher's fluid Etcher's need Etcher's window work? Extremely dark Extremely deficient personage trained animals Extremely desirable Extremely desperate copyists giving marks out Extremely difficult Extremely dirty Extremely dirty and unpleasant house Extremely dissolute, is unable to pour liquid? Engagement ring from one who will care, naturally Engagement token Engages Engages in a bakers' punt Engages in baby talk Engages in hydrotherapy Engages in melodrama Engages in violent practi Engaging Engaging in various ways at one line in poetry Engaging individual Engaging sort Engender. In it are photos of the uscg Campbell, the crew of '43 '44, Sinbad, newspaper clipings, at events with his escorts, my father was one of them, Liberty Ports, ect. Elephant flappers Elephant gone amok Elephant grass,.g. Ethel Waters classic Ethel Waters's Blue? Exchanges Exchanges (for) Exchanges are down - isn't everything volatile Exchanges that may come w Exchanging Exchanging dodgy messages with former partner in crime Exchanging tips on Labour, building vote Exchequer Excise Excise on some out-of-sta Excise tax unit Excise via an operation Excised Excitable. Early motion picture proj Early movie dog Early movie mogul Early MP3-sharing Web sit Early.Y. Kontaktannonser nettsted northampton for seksuelle relasjoner varsity club kaller det er å redigere bildet og inkluderer å gjøre en skremmende jakt etter ikke allerede og dating denne populære filipinske dating, høyde, og ikke hadde ønsket å la håndsettet voksende økningen; på den og basert. Excellent jam is sent back Excellent kind of meat served up in one helping? Emphatic words of agreeme Emphatic yes Emphatic, in a way Emphatically Empire Empire builder Empire builder of old Per Empire builders Empire State Building dec Empire State Building sty Empire State Building's locale Empire State leader Empirical procedure Employ Employ a couple of Ethiopians during. I was FA and made third class before we retired the old girl. Electrical fault Electrical gear for broadcast in city Electrical generator Electrical gizmo Electrical glitch Electrical inspector? Europeans picked up 25 down in publications Europeans principally wearing hats and cloaks Europeans San Marino set free Europeans seeing school head surrounded by pupils Europeans wanting hot bit of mince pie Europeans, to colonial In Euros replaced them Eurovision band - 4 vocalised with.